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Established back in 2006, Monday Night Heat has been a weekly home to trade staff and student’s alike. Promoted by DJ Ross McMillan alongside Michael Corry, expect a slightly less mainstream soundtrack compared to Viper’s other nights, with a blend of house through to hip hop and anything else in between.


Drinks from £1.

Doors from 10PM.

Entry £5/£3

The DJ’s

Ross McMillan

You’ll find Ross McMillan or Rosco as he’s usually known in the DJ booth every Monday at MNH. Rosco is the man behind MNH and it all started back at the tail end of 2005, wanting to co-promote his own night, and later taking it on by himself.
“I found that the best way to get a night going and working was to do as much as possible myself”, so from the artwork you see in the flyers and e-posters down to the music selection and how the night is promoted, Rosco somehow managed to make a Monday night in a small club in the west end of Glasgow into a staple in the weekly clubbing schedule of students and trade staff alike.
Ross is what most would class as a “proper” DJ – having always been interested in music from primary school, to progressing to saving cash to get turntables at age 15 and learning how to play all before even setting foot in a club.
What does he put the success of MNH down to?
“An easygoing vibe – not pretentious or exclusive, always encouraged a casual dresscode, aiming the music somewhere in between mainstream and underground without being fixed on genres. MNH has never tried to be anything it’s not. It’s not a deep house or techno night it’s not an urban night, and it’s not a chart based night. But all those bases are covered. Getting the music right is crucial and it’s something I constantly scrutinise to make sure we’re doing it better than anyone else, and we are.
Lastly, it  doesn’t do any harm to have decent drinks on promo… “Contrary to most DJs, Ross feels he plays better when he’s having a few drinks, so don’t be shy to pass a jagerbomb his way next time you see him on a Monday!

Michael Corry

  • Having only broke onto the DJ circuit 3 years ago Michael Corry has proven why he is up there with the best in the country. Having always been musical, growing up playing mostly in bands on the local scene, it didn’t take long for Michael to find his passion in DJ’ing after receiving turntables for his 17th birthday. In his short career so far he has played in the top venues in Glasgow and beyond. From playing at large events such as T in The Park, to holding residences in your favourite weekend hotspots. One of the highlights of his career came 2 years ago when he was asked, by veteran DJ and promoter Rosco, to join the MNH line up! MNH has been a staple part of every students clubbing diet for over 10 years now and shows no sign of slowing down. Michael told us this was, “every open format DJs dream night, having the chance to play good music from mainstream club tunes to underground stuff you wouldn’t normally here played, also the atmosphere on Mondays is like no where else!”